Learn all about English Paper Piecing. You’ll be shown a few different EPP shapes, techniques all while stitching up a cute mini quilt or other projects from the IAQ.

Each month we’ll expand into different supplies, materials, techniques and methods.

Class was started May 11, 2021 – feel free to jump in any time for a quick refresher or learning!

Materials for English Paper Piecing

You’ll need a few basic supplies when starting off with English Paper Piecing.

This technique is great for travel and packing around as you are working on smaller parts or sections of a quilt.

You’ll need:

paper – cardstock or heavier paper is best

OR templates for the shapes you want to sew


glue stick or fabric glue

You’ll also need your fabric and project that you’re going to start with.

For the fabric, EPP is perfect for your leftover scraps and smaller pieces. Depending on the template you are going to sew, you’ll find the EPP can eat up quite a bit of your scraps.

How to English Paper Piece

This month we are diving into the process of EPP.


  • Hole punch all your shapes so I can simply take out the thread and *pop* out the papers. This keeps the fabric shape nice and makes it easy to reuse the papers!
  • Try out thread basting and glue basting…and go for what you like best.  I’ve tried both and I like the glue– it’s a bit quicker, but you might not be able to reuse the shape afterwards.
  • Dig into your fabric scraps first! Epp is the perfect project for using up the smallest of fabric scraps!
  • Directional fabric is fussy.  Make sure you are lining your template up just how you want before cutting.
  • When you’re stitching your shapes together, use close & careful stitches and pull the thread tight.  You can use a whipstitch along the side, or along the bottom– neat little trick!
  • If you want to save $$ with your epp, grab printable templates. Then you can simply print at home & cut your own shapes.
  • Use a quilters knot or backstitch in the same place a couple of times to secure the thread.

First, we’ll be using the templates to cut out our fabric, then learn how to fold under the edges and hand stitch.

Hexagon Instructions~

1)  Cut out the template, lay on wrong side of fabric

2)  Fold one edge over the template and finger press, fold the second edge over

3)  Starting on one corner, take a few stitches to secure

4)  Take a couple of stitches to the next folded corner

5)  Continue stitching to each corner, making sure the next side if folded before you get to the corner.

6)  Take a couple of stitches when you are at the beginning corner of the hexagon {center photo}

Sewing two Hexagons together~

1)  Lay right sides together, matching up the edge

2)  Take a few stitches on the corner, catching both hexagons

3)  Stitch little whip stitch stitches along the top edge of the hexagons- keep them lined up. You will be catching just the top edge of the fabric and NOT stitching through the template.  Right along that fold is where your needle will catch for the stitch

4)  Open up the hexagons and continue with the next piece

The bottom picture shows the back side of the hexagon quilt so far.  One of the papers has snuck out, but for the most part, you will want to leave the paper in until all the pieces are sewn together.  You can take out the paper on the inner shapes, but wait to remove those outer ones until you have them sewn down to the background fabric.  It will help it keep the shape of the whatever you are sewing your hexagons into.

Depending on the pattern you’re sewing, you may find yourself with quite a few hexies and then what?!

Let’s walk through sewing your rows together.

Line up the edge and stitch along that {as it says in the above instructions}  At the corner you will pivot the piece and line up the second edge — you will need to maybe or convince the edge to line up with the second edge.  Continue stitching the top edge until the next corner and pivot the piece again, and match up the edges.

How to attach your hexagons to the background piece

Projects to get started with EPP

While you are gathering your materials, you can also consider what pattern or project to start with.

Keep your plans simple. You are trying this technique out. No need to jump into a queen sized quilt. There are quite a few that you can pick right now to get yourself a little taste without overwhelming you.

Even making the pin cushion is a great place to start.

Hexagon Flower Pincushion

Hexagon Ombre Mini Quilt

Mini Ombre Quilt

Stretched Hexi Doll Quilt

Exploring EPP resources, patterns and designers

Let’s explore more about EPP!!

How to get the paper out of your hexagon (if you have it trapped).

Make your own templates for EPP

Using a Cricut Maker for template cutting

Fussy Cutting Hexagons

EPP Designers

Tales of Cloth

Teresa Down Under

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