Come Join Me on June 21st for
Finish That Darn Quilt Day!

Finish That Darn Quilt!

If you’ve been struggling to get your projects finished and have no idea why you can’t get excited about your quilts, you’re in the right place!  After more than two decades working with quilters, I know the steps that will help you take those piles of unfinished projects giving you grief and getting them finished. (plus have fun and be excited about it!)  I’m going to break them all down for you in my Finish that Darn Quilt… for FREE.

This Workshop is for you if: 

  • You’ve been dreaming of actually working on those quilts, not just staring at them. 
  • You have a mega list of projects ‘in progress’ and are not sure where to begin.
  • You want to simply finish what you start – possibly even ahead of your deadline for gifting. 
  • You’re ready to feel supported and not judged by others who understand

If you see yourself in this, then come on over and grab yourself a spot in my Workshop. I’ll see you there!


Finish That Darn Quilt

A simple but supportive,1- day virtual activity for quilters at any stage to help you go from dreaming to action (while having fun).

During the week, you’ll learn 4 important steps to making your dreams of finishing come true. Giving you an outline of clear and doable steps for your quilting projects – Finish that Darn Quilt!

Step 1

Choosing What to Actually Sew

Step 2

Removing Overwhelm & Organization

Step 3

Avoiding Mistakes and Distractions

Step 4

Keeping Inspired and Excited


4 simple but critical steps

Learn 4 of the most important steps in order to have fun while finishing a project started long ago.

Live training

Short, fast and high impact Live trainings to help you go from overwhelmed and unsure to a confident and happy quilter.

Live Q&A

I’ll answer your questions and help you work through your sewing plan with my two decades of quilting experience.

Meet Your Instructor

Becky Jorgensen is an award-winning quilter and online teacher.  With over 20-years of experience in quilting industry Becky built her career helping other quilters to sew.  She has successfully founded a pattern design company Patchwork Posse and a planner company Patchwork Planner helping quilters finish what they start and use what they have.

She is also the creator of Patchworkers Plus, the incredible online quilt group that not only helps quilters connect and build friendships all while finishing what they start – but also introduces them to new techniques, notions and industry professional lead workshops.  Within her Kickstart Workshop, Becky breaks down four key steps that help quilters get past the overwhelm of projects lists, chaotic piles and confusion of where to start. Taking that next step with the confidence to move forward and have fun along the way!

The next Pick a Quilt week begins June 21st

I’ll help you narrow your options from your own list. 

Yes! Free, free, free! 

I’ll be sharing those 4 steps to not only help you pick what you’ll be working on, but how you can actually finish that darn quilt!

You are welcome to join my membership, Patchworkers Plus after the workshop! This is a ‘backdoor’ to the closed membership.  Check out my website to learn more about the Quilt Membership. 

Absolutely! No matter if you are currently working on a quilt you my find yourself feeling a little lonely and un-inspired. My workshop will give you support, encouragement and make that sewing time fun.

You Can Do This!

When your time in this fun Finish that Darn Quilt is done, you’ll have the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to achieve your dream of finishing your projects while being supported every step of the way. 

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