Where to login:

LEARNING CENTER / COMMUNITY / GALLERIES -AKA MEMBERS AREA: Get patterns, BOM’s, Replays here: https://community.patchworkposseplus.com


Please note that when you cancel, you lose any coupon codes or lower prices. You will have to wait for enrollment to be open, and rejoin at the higher rate.

If you are not seeing this option, you may have joined on our older system. Please reach out to hello@patchworkposse.com 

There are two places where the information is kept for the membership. 

Patterns, BOM, Guest Designer info, Replays, Libraries are all housed in the learning center here.  Once you login, you’ll find the dashboard for navigating the area and how to find what you are looking for. 

The Community, gallery of images, forum for chatting and announcements are all housed in the community center here.  Once you login, you’ll find the forum where you can connect with others as well as navigate back to the learning center. 

We recommend you setting up your password so they are the same for both sites. 

Join us every month for a member orientation if you need additional help navigating the learning and community area. 

Do you need 1 on 1 help? Send me a quick email and let me know – hello @ patchworkposse.com

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